Company signage from HILPRESS

Signs for safe operation

Signs have elementary functions in a plant and in outdoor areas. They warn, identify, and provide behavioral instructions to protect people and equipment and provide information about operating equipment. Many signs are standardized to keep them generally understandable nationally, European and internationally. There are numerous designs and groups of signs that can be recognized at a glance, as they are each basically uniform in design. For example, the shape and color of the sign immediately indicate whether it is a prohibition, instruction or warning sign.

A variety of signs that can be understood internationally

Workplace safety includes prohibition signs, mandatory signs, warning signs, signs for escape routes, construction sites, hazardous areas and first aid facilities, as well as the marking of operating equipment. Symbols and colors on the signs are standardized so that they are also generally understandable internationally. Warning and safety signs for electrical equipment include, for example, warnings about dangerous electrical voltage, battery hazards, potentially explosive atmospheres and laser beams. Some signs can also be used appropriately in combination with self-inscriptions.

Sign type, shape and color of the most important signs

Mandatory signs include instructions to protect people, such as instructions to wear eye and ear protection. The shape of the command signs is prescribed. It must be circular with blue base color, white pictorial sign and contrast. Warning signs are triangular with yellow background, black border and symbol sign. Prohibition signs are round, have a white base and a red border and a bar at a 45-degree angle from the upper left edge to the lower right edge. Fire safety signs are square, red, with a white border as well as a white symbol sign and are long night luminous. Rescue signs have a square shape, are long night luminous and have a green base color with white symbol as well as white contrast. These and many other signs provide with shape, color, symbol and lettering for a clear marking for the protection of people and equipment in the plant and other impact areas such as construction sites . Other marking signs are for example circuit marking signs, voltage marking, danger marking tapes, warning and information tapes, basic plaques, floor marking tapes and many more.