Cable fixing by cable ties from Hilpress

Cable ties for cable fixing

Cable ties are aids for bundling and fixing individual cables and cable harnesses. They are characterized by high tensile strength and reliability. Hilpress offers a wide range of cable ties.

Structure of cable ties

Classic cable ties consist of a one-piece strip of plastic. On one side the strip is equipped with a tip, on the other side with a head. The side of the tip is ribbed on the bottom. The head has a barb on the inside.

Other products used to organize and guide cables are also called cable ties. These include many types of clamps and fasteners.

Function of cable ties

Cable ties are generally used to fix individual cables or cable harnesses in their position of laying. Hoses and especially cable ties hold the cables permanently. This means that they must be destroyed to release the cables. Holders and cable ties fix the cables and cable harnesses in such a way that they can be removed again.

The head of the cable ties fits exactly to the grooved, pointed side. When this is passed through the eyelet, it forms a permanent loop. As an alternative to your own pointed side, you can also pass another cable tie through there. This process can be repeated as often as desired. The result is a loop of any size.

When inserted into the loop, an audible click is heard. With each click, the loop continues to tighten permanently. That is, the barb snaps one step further into the ribbed side of the binder.

TIP: If you want to keep the loop releasable, insert the grooved side the wrong way around. On the top side, the loop is smooth and will not jam with the barb.

Use of cable ties

Cable ties are used in all work where cables are to be permanently fixed in one position. The following applications are typical for this work:

  • Cable harnesses of vehicles
  • Network technology
  • PC technology
  • general mechanical engineering
  • control engineering

In addition, various practical applications in construction (fixing protective nets) in agriculture (fixing branches and vines) and everywhere else where things need to be fixed.

The practical properties of cable ties give them a wide range of applications. Cable ties are installed manually. They are used to hold single cables or cable harnesses in a certain position or to tie them together. For positioning along a ledge, wall or edge, the cable drills or cable fasteners are particularly suitable. Often, however, you want the once laid or bundled cables permanently in their position.

For this purpose, the classic plastic cable ties are particularly well suited. They are led around the cables and the protruding side is cut off. In addition, the cable tie can be attached to a wall hook or a rigid eyelet. To undo a cable tie, it must be cut through. Scissors or side cutters are best suited for this purpose. When loosening cable ties, be careful not to damage the insulation of the cables.

TIP: Use cable ties for one purpose at a time. If you want to attach a harness to a rail, follow these steps: Bundle the harness with a cable tie. Insert a second cable tie into the loop. Secure the harness using the second loop. This will prevent sharp-edged metal from being pressed against the cable.

Misuse of cable ties

Cable ties are not suitable for direct fixing of flexible hoses carrying media. The risk is too great that the hoses will be crushed when the cable ties are tightened. Then the media line is constricted or completely interrupted. In this case, the double loop technique is optimal. The loop around the rubber or plastic line is loosely tightened. The second loop for attachment to a rail, carrier or eyelet is tightened. This is also a safe way to use cable ties to secure media-carrying hoses to a point.

Even with power cables, you should not tighten the cable ties as tightly as you somehow can. A good, hand-tight closing of the loop is sufficient. Excessive force can cause damage to the insulation of the cables.

Cable ties and cable harness should match each other. Thin cable ties have a tendency to dig deeper into insulation material than wide versions. Wide cable ties are also more resistant to tearing. The rule is always. The wider a cable tie is, the higher its holding strength.

Selection of cable ties

Hilpress offers cable ties in the following selection:

Plastic cable ties are the most widely used products of their kind. Hilpress offers them in a wide range and any quantity.

Metal cable ties provide a particularly firm and durable hold. They can only be undone with strong force and the appropriate tool. In particular, these metal cable ties are appreciated in rough use on ships and in mining, they are also more suitable for construction machinery.

Velcro cable ties are ideal holders for cables and strands in temporary use. Instead of a fixed clamp connection, these cable ties hold the inserted products with a releasable hook and loop fastener. These cable ties are also suitable for hoses. They apply only a small amount of force to the cables being fed through, eliminating the possibility of damage.

TIP: First fix the cable harness with Velcro fasteners during assembly; you can then easily tighten additional cables. Only when all cables are laid, the final fixation with the plastic ties.

Cable drills and cable fixings are aids for fixing cables at a fixed point. They hold the strands and cables in place in a detachable manner.

TIP: A combination of plastic cable ties and cable fixings achieves the best results when laying cable strands. It is much easier to fix the bundled strands to fasteners than is the case with individual cables.

Hoses and ducts are used for particularly protected and defined laying and bundling of cables and strands. They are also suitable for media-carrying lines. We also carry the tools required for this purpose.

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