Support for the Gymnasium Hummelsbüttel

This year, we are again supporting the Hummelsbüttel Grammar School with a donation for the equipment and furnishing of the sports and play equipment for the pupils.

We would like to thank you for the sponsorship certificate.

Gymnasium Hummelsbüttel

Bike Challenge "Pedalling for the SeeKuh"

To support the work of One Earth- One Ocean e.V., we launched the 3-month bicycle challenge "Pedalling for the Manatee"


That's why Hilpress and her colleagues from the holding company were cycling for a good cause this summer. For all volunteers who cycled to work, a donation was made for every kilometre they cycled. The donation cheque was made out to the volunteers.

The donation cheque was handed over in Hamburg's Hafencity, where the SeeKuh managers invited us to take a tour on the SeeKuh.

Strampeln für die Seekuh

Hamburg Commercial Bank Run for a good cause

Companies run for a good cause.

We were also involved this year.

Zur Hamburg Commercial Bank Run Seite

Hilpress as a supporter for the TUfast Team of the TU Munich

We are pleased to have been able to support the TUfast Team (Technical University of Munich) by providing our cable lugs.

In the international design competition, 500 teams with a total of 25,000 participants compete against each other and present their racing cars, which they have developed, built and tested in one year.

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Paola Walter-Soldato
Cable ties shown in the right light

Cable ties can be found wherever there is something to tie, fasten and close. Fascinated by this versatile connecting element, I look for ways to create volume with it. I create tube-like envelopes, multi-layered, translucent. Placed in the right light, they unfold a poetic effect, and it seems as if the cable tie can do much more than just connect.

Paola Walter-Soldato is a design teacher, adult painter and offers design courses for children, young people and adults in her studio.

Cable Tie Design

A dress made of cable ties.

Design by Philippe Fritsche.