Copper strips for earth and ground connections

Ground straps for safe, stable connections

Ground straps are flexible and easy to attach cables in rectangular form. They consist of a braid of copper wires and can be used for numerous different functions.

We offer grounding and earthing strips, flat copper strands and round copper strands made of electrolytic copper (E-CU), which consists of 99.9% pure copper. The surface is tin-plated by electroplating. This tinning protects the strands from corrosion. Tinned copper also ensures durable and reliable connections in outdoor applications. Non-tinned ground straps are also available.

The advantage of ground straps over round conventional conductors is mainly that they can be bent as required, are flat and offer a large surface area with optimized heat dissipation.

Ground strap applications

The main task of ground straps is grounding or potential equalization in electrical systems and machines. The tasks of ground straps are also manifold. Connections made of flat copper strands are used to flexibly bridge electrical connections and to compensate for mechanical movements. The flexibility of the stranded wires is influenced by the diameter of the individual wires and by the cross-section and structure of the braid.
This allows them to be used as flexible conductors in places that are difficult to access.

They are mainly used as grounding conductors. Their good heat dissipation properties also make them suitable for conducting large amounts of current (short-circuit current / lightning conductors). They can dissipate radio interference and contribute to EMC-compliant electrical installations. They are also well suited for use in enclosures and industrial housings where space is at a premium. With their properties, they have their permanent use in all electro-supported areas such as:

  • as grounding straps
  • as battery cables
  • in electric vehicles
  • in electric furnaces
  • in conveyor technology
  • in electroplating
  • in switchgear and equipment manufacturing
  • in rail vehicles
  • in mechanical engineering

We offer prefabricated and tinned flat copper strands as grounding tapes or likewise tinned flat copper strands and round copper strands as yard goods on rolls.

Prefabricated grounding tapes and earthing tapes

Our prefabricated flat copper strands are made of tinned woven copper strips. The ends are provided with rectangular tinned copper sleeves.

Unlike tapes with round or square dip-tinned ends without sleeves, our tapes are easier to attach and the ends do not fray when the bolting is repeated. If you need other dimensions than those available in the store, please feel free to send us an inquiry.



Pre-terminated tinned ground strap

Flat copper strands

If you prefer to assemble grounding and earthing tapes yourself, we recommend our flat copper strands as meter goods on rolls. We offer these in cross-sections of 10 - 70 mm² and various dimensions, each 100 m long. If you should not find the desired product from our extensive assortment, we look forward to your inquiry.

Round copper strands

Round stranded copper wires are used as conductive connections where high flexibility in all directions is required. The ends can be crimped with crimping cable lugs, tubular cable lugs or compression cable lugs. We offer round stranded wires in cross-sections from 6 - 50 mm² and a wide variety of dimensions, each 100 m long. On request, we can also supply these with PVC insulation.