Snap-on, self-labeling and self-adhesive cable markers

Cable markers for a quick overview

Cable markers provide a quick and easy overview of the type of cables and wires. With color coding and labeling, they can be assigned at a glance. They facilitate, for example, assembly, repairs and renewals as well as more complex cable routing in electrotechnical installations of buildings, machines as well as systems and in fine electronics. Clear cable markings are also useful in IT and telecommunications technology.

Marker types - labeling set and self-labeling

Cable markers can be divided into two main groups. There are variants with letter and number sets and versions for self-labeling. Pre-made markers have the advantage of marking cables and wires with little effort. Self-labeling, on the other hand, has the advantage that more detailed information can be placed. Markers can be purchased as individual items or on rolls, which are recommended if there are a large number of cables and wires to be marked. There are also variants that can be snapped on as well as versions that can be glued on. The snap-on cable markers are stretched and placed on the respective cable or wire and snap into place. They thus provide a reliable and permanent hold.

Individual labeling

The markers for self-labeling consist of a patented transparent pressure part, a white labeling field and a transparent protective part. They differ in size, which is based on the maximum supported cable diameter. The markers offer self-adhesive soft PVC with a thickness of 0.08 mm and are temperature-resistant at a range of - 30 to + 80 degrees. They offer permanent adhesion and are resistant to petroleum-based oils, dirt, water and alcohol.

Snap-on markers for easy and quick installation

Snap-on markers are available as individual markers with upper and lower case letters or numbers. They can also be purchased as a set. A set consists of the upper or lower case letters from A to Z or as an assortment with all numbers from zero to nine. The letter assortment contains a total of 26 sticks, each with 30 markings for the respective letters lined up on a stick. The number assortment contains ten rods for the numbers zero to nine, each with 30 markings for one rod. The snap-on markers also differ in size, which depends on the cross-sections of the cables to be marked or the outer diameter of the respective wire. Each size range has its own color. This means that the different sizes can be identified at a glance and also provide information about the cross-section or diameter range of the marked cables or wires when work is carried out on them later.

Assembly rod for particularly time-saving marking

Assembly rods can be purchased as a set together with the cable markers or as an addition to existing markers. The mounting rod makes it much easier to attach the cable markers. All markers required for the electrical system are lined up on the mounting rod. The mounting rod is then placed against the respective cables or wires and the markers are pushed onto the cables or wires with a simple movement of the hand. Even with just a few markers, the additional time saved by the mounting rod is noticeable.