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HIL-SHRINK® CFW 3:1 heavy wall, flame retardant

Heavy wall (CFW) heatshrinkable polyolefin adhesive lined tubing ideal for the protection of cable joints and terminantions in low voltage power up to 600V.
Applications acc. to ESI-09-11, VDE 0278-95
shrint ratio: app. 3:1
permanent operating temperature: -55°C up to +110°C
material: polyolefin cross-linked
shrink temperature: > +120°C
colour: black

Artikel no Colour min. at delivery Ø D [mm] max after shrink operation d [mm] Huges after shrink op. s [mm] VE/Stück

34000black 9,031,81
x1 piece  
34010black 1642,41
x1 piece  
34020black 2462,41
x1 piece  
34030black 3483,01
x1 piece  
34040black 48124,11
x1 piece  
34050black 56164,11
x1 piece  
34060black 75254,11
x1 piece  
34070black 95254,11
x1 piece  
34080black 130354,31
x1 piece  
* plus shipping