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HIL-BOX® shock resistant enclosure with hinge



Shock resistant enclosure including universal entry seals in soft material with different diameters. Cover fixed with nylon screws.
The unscrewing of the nylon screws allows to open the lid in 2 directions depending of the used screws. The screws are used
as hinge and allows fast opening of the enclosure.

Protection spec.: IP 55 acc. DIN EN 60529
Material: base and lid ABS (UV resistant), entry seals PVC, screws PA
Colour: grey RAL 7035
Installation temp.: -15°C up to +60°C DIN EN 60670
Temperature resistance: max. 70°C acc. DIN EN 60695-10-2
Flame protection: 650°C acc. DIN EN 60695-2-11

Screws included

H [mm] b [mm] C [mm] G [mm] D [mm] Ø diameter nipples Artikel no Nipples VE/Stück

19014070552514 - 3255400101
x1 piece  
24019090702514 - 3255410121
x1 piece  
300220120805014 - 3255420121
x1 piece  
380300120805014 - 3255430141
x1 piece  
460380120805014 - 3255440161
x1 piece  
* plus shipping